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Extra Leash for Two Piece System - (Leash Only)

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  • $27.50

Product information:

Attaches to the Two Piece System when running with two or more dogs.

 A new feature with the attachable leash is it can now be extended. With the bungee relaxed it is 110cm in length and can be adjusted out to 132cm, when the bungee is stretched out it reaches out to a length of 184cm.

The leash has a traffic handle that can be used as a conventional leash as well as the hands free attachment.

Comes in dual colours of Black and Blue, Black and Red or Black and Pink, Black and Purple, Black and Green.


  • The adjustable slider on the leash is metal giving extra added strength and confidence to the leash even with the heaviest of pullers
  • Has triple reflective stitching so you can be seen during low light
  • High quality metal “D” ring.
  • Can run with 2 or more dogs either side attached to the "D"Rings on the belt or have them running in front attached to the "D"Ring on the leash attachment