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POSE Method & FIRE Strength Running Workshop

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POSE Method teaches us to run using gravity to pull us forward, rather than relying on muscular contraction to push us along. It taps into our body's plyometric (spring-like) ability to absorb and return energy, which means less effort, less impact and greater efficiency.
Sally Lynch in one of Australia's top (POSE) coaches as well as an accomplished athlete from 5km to Ultra Distance
POSE Method will help you run lighter and further, recycling up to 33% of the energy in each stride and minimising ground impact forces to stay injury free.
Karen Barrett will introduce you to a typical FIRE Strength session that she coaches and uses every week to become a stronger runner. She did not get the title of "Australia's Toughest Female Endurance Runner" from simply running around in circles and doing sit-ups.
This workshop will be fun, informal and useful to those from a newbie just starting out to accomplished athletes looking to reinforce or freshen up their technique and all those in between.
Date: 31 August 2019
Workshop starts at 8am finishing around 12pm (TBC)
Location: 165 Browns Rd, Black Hill
Under 16yo FREE