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Sugarloaf 100's Everesting Challenge

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New Date To Be Confirmed

100 Miler Everesting Challenge  2021 8am   

100 Km Elevation Challenge  2021 8:30am

Location: Sugarloaf Road, Mount Sugarloaf

100 Miler $120       100km $100

I absolutely LOVE a challenge and I'm always looking for ways to not only test my limits but to bring people like us, (the ones who are always striving, the ones who can't be put in a box), I want to bring you events that are out of that box, those that are not your typical mainstream trail run, anyone can give you one of those and I still enjoy competing in those.

But what I'm after, is something with an edge to test not only my ability physically but mentally as well. 

I am so excited to be able to bring you this event located on the beautiful Mount Sugarloaf located in the Lower Hunter Region of New South Wales, overlooking Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. 

The Great Sugar Loaf is an extinct volcano and offers fabulous 360-degree views when you reach the top to the lookout of each lap. The trail is a mix of steep, single, and open trail with the addition of some stairs thrown in at the very top to the lookout.

To show our respect for this beautiful little mound I'm also very excited to be working with the local custodians of the land and to share with you a memorable experience so you get to feel and see why I'm so passionate plus the connection I have with the land. We are extremely lucky to have local legend Dougie Archibald welcome you to land with a special smoke ceremony and Awabakal artist Alex Nean hand carve our winner trophy 

Aboriginal Legend of Mount Sugarloaf

extract from Sondra Munro

Mt Sugarloaf is shaped like a Wedge Tail Eagle. And is the totem (or social emblem) of the local Awabakal people. The mountain (Keemba Keemba which means Mount Sugarloaf in Awabakal) is the setting for a terrible Aboriginal tale which is based around the grisly fate of the local Aboriginal children at the hands of a monstrous villain, Puttikin (aka Biter)

The ferocious Puttikin is tall, covered in hair, and has a mane like a horse. Puttikin has a tail similar to a cutlass and feet pointing backward, making it impossible for trackers to find him. Nothing short of invincible, his tough hide is impenetrable by spears or bullets. A soldier from a regiment, dating back to the early settlers in this area, claimed to have heard the well-known gunshot sound of Puttikin's feet hitting the ground as he jumped around like a kangaroo.

Aboriginal parents warned the children they would be beaten to death by Puttikin if they wandered off alone. Puttikin would ask children to open their mouths before deciding their fate. If children still had their baby teeth (older initiated boys had their teeth knocked out during the initiation ceremony) they would be murdered.

The moral of the story is that young children should not go out alone without parental permission.

Will you be unlucky enough to see Puttikin and can you outrun him?


**** I'm really excited to be currently working out logistics and communicating with landowners looking at alternating this event each year with a traditional 100 Miler, 200 Miler and 500km trail run for 2022**** Keep you posted***