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Harness, Leash & Seat Belt Restraint Package Deal

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  • $60.00

Sizes / Measurements:

Size Neck (A) Chest (B)
Small 30cm to 50cm 35cm to 65cm
Medium 32cm to 55cm 40cm to 82cm
Large 38cm to 58cm 39cm to 89cm
Extra Large 61cm to 89 cm 64cm to 101cm



  • Wide padded chest plate to displace pulling load. 
  • Has reflective piping and reflective stitching on adjustment belts so you can be seen during low light.
  • Traffic handle if you need to grab your dog in a hurry. If you haven't already purchased the Tail Runner adjustable seat belt restraint then the handle is also perfect for slipping the car seat belt through to restrain dog when travelling in a vehicle
  • Quality buckles and metal attachment ring.
  • Lined for extra comfort especially on long runs
  • Easy clean

Product information:

High quality and durable. I have been testing the prototype of this harness on Cadence (my Ultra Marathon runner Kelpie) for months now, we have covered approximately 2400+km in it and I absolutely love it, (and so does she).

It doesn't slide around and cause chaffing or cut in like the web ones tend to.

Comes in colours of Black, Blue, Pink, or Red.  

My all-time favorite Leash. This was the original TailRunner Hands-Free Leash.

It is a nice light convenient leash, great for parkrun and everyday walking or running.

Suitable for the small to medium-sized dogs (5 to 25kg)  and large non-reactive dogs

Benefits of a Tail Runner Leash

  • The bungee gives you extended time to react in unexpected situations such as dog lunging or reacting
  • Maintain your running form without having your shoulder pulled out of its socket
  • Bungee holds its shape so it doesn’t twist or curl up while running and risk getting caught on the tread of your shoe
  • Hands-Free so you can tend to other activities while still restraining your dog, especially if you are pushing a pram and attending to the baby or even just trying to do up your shoelace or fishing around in your backpack.
  • You can adjust and use around your waist, or if you need to it can be easily used as a temporary tether and attached to a pole or bench seat.

Length: 2.5cm x 2.1m (bungee stretched out 2.4m) you will need to minus your waist circumference. 

If you have a long dog, a relaxed waistline or prefer to run your dog on a collar you may need more distance between your dog when striding out. I would recommend adding an adjustable belt extension to your purchase. 

 This is an all in one system and my favorite, especially for running trails. It is lightweight and strong which slides easily around the waist. It comes in solid colors of Black, Blue, Pink, or Red.

Features: Has double reflective stitching so you can be seen during low light.