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GOAT Sunnies

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I LOVE these sunnies because ........

I have really struggled (until now) to find a pair of sunnies that I can wear running and mountain biking

  1. I can wear in dappled sunlight, this is a BIG plus !! I do a lot of running and mountain biking in wooded areas and I really struggled to see the trail properly in shady areas
  2. Polarized tac 4 polycarbonate lenses with high-quality stainless steel hinges
  3. Lightweight, no bounce and comfortable  
  4. They fit on my face properly, for some reason others sit on my cheek and annoy me
  5. Fashionable, don't have to have multiple pairs of sunnies for each of my activities also I don't have to change them or feel weird when sitting in the cafe
  6. They are even named after my favourite Australian mountains and bike trails!



 Name Frame and Lens Colour
Buller Clear smoke with purple mirrored lens
Mystic Liquid mulberry frame with purple mirrored lens
Feathertop Classic matt black with mirrored purple lens
Pilbara Clear smoke with mirrored orange-gold lens
Buffalo Classic matt black with orange-gold mirrored lens
Stromlo Clear Coke brown with clear coke brown lens
Solitary Clear black smoke with black smoke lens
Blackwood Classic matt black with black smoke lens