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Tail Runner Ambassadors

Meet Running Dog Roxy and Narelle

In May 2009 after losing our beloved German Shepherd Narla a few months earlier we decided it was time to open our hearts to another four legged friend. I had seen online a dog at the Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast that looked like she would suit.

So I packed the kids in the car and made it to the Gold Coast just before the cut off time for adoptions. As we looked at all the dog’s one small little pup got my attention with her big sad eyes. The lady helping us told me this dog would grow very large and would be too boisterous but I knew she was the one for us. She met our other dog Bella which went well so we adopted her and bundled her into the car for the hour and a half trip home.

We re-named her Roxy and she instantly became part of our family. In 2013 I decided it was time to get fit. I had always been a runner in my younger years so started my running journey. At Pete's suggestion I took Roxy along for protection and after our first run together I declared it was never going to work. She would get excited, pull, stop and trip me over.

We persisted and within a few weeks we were on our way to mastering running together. From there we went from strength to strength. We ran out first half together at Ipswich park2park in 2014 and have competed in it every year since. She has become my number 1 running partner. We have run thousands of kilometres together many of them with just us in the beautiful bush in White Rock. We keep each safe and sane on the long runs and we push each other on the hard faster runs.


Smithy and Megan

I remember the first time I scrolled across the application on the Australian Working Dog Rescue Website for Smithy…. something just ignited inside of me and I knew we were meant to find each other. I had been searching for a while as I wanted to find a doggy soulmate to protect me on my early morning runs. I filled out the application form on the AWDRI website and spoke to Smithy’s Foster Carer via phone. I still remember that phone call which reinforced even further that feeling that we were meant to be together. Within a couple of weeks Smithy was on doggy transport from Charters Towers in North Queensland, to his new home in Rockhampton - Central Queensland.

The moment I met Smithy was a moment that will be etched in my heart forever. As the transport driver opened the door of the doggy trailer, Smithy bounded out and literally jumped into my arms with his head snuggled into my neck. It was love at first sight! Smithy and I were running around the block within the first week.

Then within a couple of months we discovered the Tail Runner products and nothing could stop us. He adapted to the hands free leash literally overnight and before I knew it he was running longer and longer distances with me. He ran his first official race at the Rocky River Run in 2015 and we have completed this event together each year. This year we completed the half marathon and the Event Coordinator’s even gave us free entries to promote and show everyone how fun it can be running with your dog! Of course we showed off our Tail Runner products to everyone who asked and couldn’t believe how easy we made it look running together.
A run just doesn’t feel right now unless I have Smithy with me. We push each other to go further and faster and most of all we have fun each and every time we go running! He has touched the hearts of so many people in the local running community and it seems that my friends only want to come running with me these days so that they can see Smithy and buy him puppy-chinos at the local café after our runs! It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I saved his life, but most of all, amongst the unconditional love and loyalty, I’ve actually discovered that he is the one who ended up saving me.
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